Saturday Aug 27, 2016 ( 5:03 AM ) Login Saturday Jun 23, 2007 ( 8:50 PM ) NEW WEBSITE FOR ALL SAN DIEGO HIP HOP ARTISTS Wussup Peeps!

This is ya boy Tre!
There is a new website about to drop on San Diego that will help all San Diego Hip Hop artists. Stay tuned!!


Sunday Apr 08, 2007 ( 8:41 AM ) MESSAGE BOARDS Please do not post any HTML codes in the message boards. It will be deleted IMMEDIATELY. We ask that you don't come to our page and HATE...but CONGRATULATE! Thanks for your support... --Iron Records

Monday Mar 19, 2007 ( 9:47 AM ) OPENING FOR LIL UNO & THE SICKO CAMP! Tre & Gusto will be performing as openers for Lil Uno and The Sicko Camp!!
Come check us do our thang!!

Thursday Mar 15, 2007 ( 8:17 AM ) music SUBMIT

Monday Mar 05, 2007 ( 8:27 PM ) "THE REAL" GOING WORLDWIDE! Here is a list of the places you can purchase a copy of the cd "THE REAL" by TRE:


* Buy the CD
album cover
to order

* SoundClick Now!



* Check out TRE on

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007 ( 7:24 PM ) TRE'S DEBUT ALBUM... My cd is out! Enhanced with my video for "You And The West Coast"! CD's available in Music Trader (Tower Records is now a memory!). New locations will be added! CD's also available HERE on our website!

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007 ( 7:18 PM ) NORMA JEANS (1/21/07) Iron Records wants to send a big shout out to all that attended our Sunday night Hip Hop showcase at Norma Jeans on Jan 21st. It was such a success, we have another in the works!!! Stay tuned fans!!!

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007 ( 11:26 PM ) Saturday Night All Night At The Rhythm Lounge We got a big one brewing Saturday Night January 27th at the rhythm Lounge. Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007 ( 11:21 PM ) Norma Jeans HipHop Party Sunday Night Jan 21s Be sure to check out our HipHop Party at Norma Jeans on Sunday Night Jan 21st. It will be a blast! Check out artist show times or the flyer at our myspace for more details.

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007 ( 11:20 PM ) Norma Jeans HipHop Party Sunday Night Jan 21s Be sure to check out our HipHop Party at Norma Jeans on Sunday Night Jan 21st. It will be a blast! Check out artist show times or the flyer at our myspace for more details.

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007 ( 11:18 PM ) Norma Jeans HipHop Party Sunday Night Jan 21s Be sure to check out our HipHop Party at Norma Jeans on Sunday Night Jan 21st. It will be a blast!

Tuesday Dec 19, 2006 ( 9:58 PM ) Thank Yee All For Tha Bobby's Place Love Thanks to all who came out to support us at the Bobby's Place show Friday night. It was a great success. All the performers and the fans were great. Special Thanx to the blond that took her shirt off they were nice ones ;>. Stay tuned for more upcoming shows and events!

Thursday Dec 14, 2006 ( 2:33 AM ) 710 Beach Club Show Shout Out Thanks to all those that braved a Wednesday night to come see our show. It was fun and we realy appriciate all who came out. Remember to come to our show Friday Night at Bobby's Place!

Monday Dec 11, 2006 ( 2:48 AM ) Grimmie WRECK Show Networking Party Shout out and thanx to Elow on the networking party down at Red Circle earlier tonight. It was a great party and recource. Thanx for keepin up the hustle and oppertunity for the West Coast Movement. Special thanx to Jerry Heller for showing support and taking the time to talk to us.

Tuesday Dec 05, 2006 ( 12:55 AM ) Dego Bounce on Jammin Z90.3 FM We have a clip of Jammin Z90.3 FM Playing Dego Bounce on Lil Al's Show. Sunday Nights at 7:00 Pm. Check it out on the link to the right. Props to Lil Al!

Z90 Dego Bounce!

Saturday Dec 02, 2006 ( 4:27 AM ) Friday Night Hiphop @ Bobby's Place Be Sure to come out to our Friday Night Hiphop party at Bobby's Place on Friday Night december 15th. It will be a full Iron Records Night from 9:00 Pm to 2:00 AM. 6179 University Ave San Diego CA(on the corner of university and College). Its a great Venue, checkout the full flyer at

Saturday Dec 02, 2006 ( 4:18 AM ) Xmas @ The Beach Hiphop Party Come down to our Xmas @ The Beach Hiphop Party Wednesday December 13th at the New 710 beach Club in Pacific Beach. This will be a full Iron records Night from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. 710 garnet Ave pacific beach San Diego. Check out the flyer at our

Saturday Dec 02, 2006 ( 4:10 AM ) Holiday Hiphop Party Thanx Thank You to all who came to our Holiday Hiphop Party On Nov 25th at Buster Dalys. It was a great Time. look for more upcoming shows.

Saturday Dec 02, 2006 ( 4:05 AM ) The Hiphop Fall Classic Thanx Thanx to all who came down to Bobby's Place on Nov 2nd for our show. It was a good Time and hope to see you all at upcoming shows.

Saturday Dec 02, 2006 ( 4:02 AM ) Halloween Hiphop Jam Thanx We want to thank the great crowd that came out to the Halloween Show at Buster Dalys. It was a great time!

Friday Oct 20, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Summer Ending Bash Our september 30th show at Buster Dalys was great but make sure to come to our Halloween Hiphop Jam On Saturday Night October 28th, Halloween Weekend at Buster Dalys(3112 University ave , right off the 805, North Park San Diego). It will be a great time. Check out the flyer on Thanks to all that come to our shows to support us!

Tuesday Sep 26, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) 67 Show Thanks to all that came to see us at the 67 in Lakeside on saturday night , It was great time. Good looking to the 503 Boys. Be sure to come to our next show saturday Night September 23rd at Buster Dalys. See for more details.

Thursday Sep 07, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Upcoming shows We have 3 Shows Coming ... September 23rd at The 67 in Lakeside. September 30th at Buster Dalys & October 28th at Buster Dalys. Stay Tuned for more details.

Wednesday Sep 06, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) New Videos Click on the Dego Bounce and Cricket Links to the Right to See them performing Live at Buster Dalys on 8/26/06! Click on the Dego Bounce and Cricket Links to the Right to See them performing Live at Buster Dalys on 8/26/06!

Thursday Aug 31, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Updates We regret to inform all that we were informed by Lil Uno Of Blazin 98.9 FM that do to major Policy Issues at the station All Live Interviews for his show are suspended until further notice. He also assued us that we will still get the interview in the future but the september 3rd date has been postponed. As soon as we receive info on the new Interview date we will let you know. Dego Bounce is still being played on the radio so be sure to listen for it on Blazin 98.9 FM

Come Check Out Tre, DarkStarImperial Vocal Killer and More At Hiball Club in Chula Vista On Saturday Night September 2nd. We will be performing At the Intrigue You Records Showcase That Night. Be There!

Hosted By::

Saturday Sep 02, 2006
at 9:00 PM

Hi-BALL Bar and Club
626 E st.
Chula VIsta, CA 91910

We want to Thank all who came out to Our Show At Buster dalys On saturday Night. It was a great time. Thanks to Intrigue You Records, Glen KC, Jboy, and Gusto and to Cricket for the Bonus Performances. Stay Tuned For More Shows.

Thursday Aug 24, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) 98.9 FM Interview Here Tre / Gusto and Me (Sixshot) live on Blazin 98.9 FM from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday september 3rd when Lil Uno will interview us. Be sure to check it out along with the live radio debut of You and the west coast.

Wednesday Aug 16, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Doin It Big Saturday Night Come Out to the

"Doin It Big Saturday Night"

party at Buster Dalys

On Saturday Night August 26th. 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Hear "Dego Bounce Performed Live as heard on Blazin 98.9 FM"

No Cover!

Come check out Beer Ballz, Pool Tables, and boozing.

See TRE, DarkStar Imperial , Vocal Killer, Gusto, Jboy, KC and More!

Make sure to be there for an Iron Records Party!

Sunday Jul 30, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Dego Bounce! Check Out Our New Colab Track "Dego Bounce"(Tre/Gusto). It was played on Blazin 98.9 today via Lil Uno. Click on the link to the right that says Blazin 98.9 FM Dego Bounce to hear it recorded on the Radio! Shout out to Iron records Friends Gusto tre And Lil Uno and Blazin 98.9 FM!

Monday Jul 24, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Blue Haven and High Ballers shows Thanks for all the supporters at the Blue Haven and High Ballers shows down in Chula Vista over the past few weeks!

Monday Jun 26, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Thanx For Coming It was a Great Time on Saturday Night. We wanted to thank everyone who came out to support us!

Friday Jun 02, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Summer Celebration Bash! Everyone is invited to the 1st Annual

Iron Records Summer Celebration Bash!

Come Join us on Saturday Night June 24th 2006 at the " Rhythm Lounge" .

TRE will be performing...

With Special Guests...

Vocal Killer, DarkStarImperial, & DJ Ricky Rick.

Tickets will be five dollars at the door. For more info check out our Artist Show Times or email us at Be sure to check this show out at the Rhythm Lounge 3048 Midway Drive Point Loma 92110 - One street over from the Sports Arena(I Pay 1 Center).

TRE will be performing at the Epicenter on Monday Night June 5th. Located at 8450 MiraMesa Blvd. Mira Mesa San Diego CA. height=3>

Thursday Jun 01, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Graduation Party TRE and Vocal Killer and DarkStarImperial will be performing at a graduation party on June 10th in San Marcos. We have ten VIP passes avaialable to come see the performance. If you wanna go, email us at

Tuesday May 30, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Hot Monkey Thanx Thanks to all those that came out to support us at the Hot Monkey Love Cafe last night. It was a great time. Stay tuned for more upcoming shows.

Monday May 15, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Hot Monkey Cafe Show Promo

Wednesday May 10, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Hot Monkey Cafe Show TRE will be performing at the


May 29th at 10:00PM

Tickets will be $5.00 at the door. Check out Tre's Show Times in the Artist section for further details.

Make sure to be there!!

Saturday May 06, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) TRE's The Real Album TRE's Album The Real is now available for sale in the following Record Stores in the San Diego Area!

Music Trader - on 3112 Midway Drive, Point Loma, San Diego 619-223-7777
Music Trader - on 1277 Garnet ave, Pacific beach, San Diego 858-270-7193
Music Trader - on 13240 Poway Rd, Poway 858-748-1313
Tower Records - on 8657 Villa la Jolla Drive, San Diego 858-452-2566

TRE's The Real will also be available at these other locations Soon

Tower Records - on 3601 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego 619-224-3333
Music Trader - on 6663 El Cajon blvd, San Diego 619-462-2274
Music Trader - on 481 Broadway, Chula Vista 619-585-3472
Music Trader - on 443 Broadway, El Cajon 619-444-2274

Check out our latest Artist DarkStarImperial in the Artist section. His first album with Iron Records will be out this summer!

Tuesday May 02, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Tre & Dolomite pic Check out the Tre & Dolomite pic(to the right). Added new Artist Jaron in the Artist section. New Show Time info Coming soon.

Thursday Apr 27, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) New Flash Promo Added Live Video From TRE and new Flash Demo (to the right) , check it out...

Tuesday Apr 18, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) New Myspace Account We have our Myspace account up and rockin - check it out

TRE will be performing...

April, 24 2006
Blind Melons
Pacific Beach San Diego, CA 92101

It's my first time back on stage!! It's time to set it off with Iron Records!!

****$2 cover****

Tuesday Apr 11, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Gusto Shout Out Shout Out to Gusto for propping us today on Z90 and 98.9 FM

Sunday Apr 09, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) New Show Times Show Times/Dates coming soon for TRE.

Saturday Apr 08, 2006 ( 12:00 AM ) Tre's The Real Released TRE's first full LP "THE REAL" has been released. You can check out his profile in the artists section.


"THE REAL" (Video Included) Here!

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